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Gimenez relied on broad coalition for win

Carlos Gimenez’s narrow victory over rival Julio Robaina for Miami-Dade County mayor combined three key ingredients: A solid showing among the county’s crucial Hispanic majority, respectable support from black voters and overwhelming backing from non-Hispanic white voters, who favored the former county commissioner by a three-to-one margin.

According to a post-race analysis by Bendixen & Amandi International, Gimenez won 47 percent of Hispanic voters to Robaina’s 53 percent, better than expected after his showing during the first-round election in May. Gimenez won 44 percent of the black vote, to Robaina’s 56 percent. Yet among white non-Hispanic voters, Gimenez scored 75 percent to Robaina’s 25 percent.

“Carlos had solid support in all three ethnic groups,” said Dario Moreno, who conducted polling for the Gimenez campaign. “Julio had stronger support in the Hispanic community, and support in the African-American [community] but very little with non-Latin whites.”

“Julio might have had a deeper base, but Carlos had a broader base,” Moreno added. Full story here.