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Obama doesn't pack 'em in at the PAC

Maybe it was the cost of the tickets ($44-$2,500). Maybe it was the rain. Or the night. Or maybe there wasn't that old '08 enthusiasm.

Either way, President Obama's fundraiser-speech at the Adrienne Arsht Performing Arts Center wasn't a packed-to-the-rafter's event. Seats remained empty in the wings and the upper level. Rought estimate: A crowd of 700-900. The center seats about 2,200.

Alonso Mourning, former Miami Heat star, implored the crowd to get involved. And he acknowledged the obvious "This is going to be a tough fight."

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz fired up the faithful. Her biggest applause line: Ending the "discriminatory" Don't Ask Don't Tell policy.

Obama kept it low key at first, despite the rousing welcome. "If you want partisan rhetoric, I'm not your guy."

The closest he came to firing a shot: mentioning the success of the auto-industry bailout -- something Republican candidate Mitt Romney opposed. Obama didn't mention him by name, but suggested Romney's now flipflopping. "There's been some revisionist history lately," he said.

He ticked off what he said were his accomplishments: equal pay, bank reform, ending the war in Iraq, ending Don't Ask Dono't tell, fighting the oil spill, stabilizing the economy.

Two hecklers stood up. "Keep your promise! Stop AIDS now!" they shouted. The crowd drowned them out, chanting "O-ba-ma! O-ba-ma!" The president quited them. He gave a measure of credit to the hecklers, pointing out that he believes he hasn't finished everything he set out to do. "We're not finished... We're not at the summit," he said.