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Rick Scott pollster: Mike Haridopolos makes 'gutsy,' 'dangerous' Medicare move

If anyone knows anything about elections in Florida, it's pollster and advisor Tony Fabrizio, who helped Rick Scott in his upset wins against Bill McCollum and then Alex Sink to become governor. How will Senate President Mike Haridopolos' decision to say he'd vote no on Paul Ryan's Medicare plan play out in the U.S. Senate race.

His response: "Politically, his position is gutsy and not without some logic.  If he wins the primary, he enters the general not having to play defense on the Medicare issue which increases his odds of making the race about nelson and his record and not himself and Medicare.  The flip side is it is always dangerous to start running your general election campaign when you aren't even close to winning your primary yet."

Dangerous indeed. Haridopolos old pal, U.S. Rep. Connie Mack (who thought of running for U.S. Senate) wasn't too pleased that the Merritt Island Republican said he'd vote no. From an MSNBC interview:

Connie Mack: "I think it's important that Republicans join -- it's important that Republicans join and support Ryan's plan. I'll tell you why: if we fail to act, then the program goes bankrupt. So those who are choosing not to support either this plan or another plan are choosing to let medicare go bankrupt. That means it's not available for anybody. Ryan's plan has, in my opinion, been demagogued by the white house and democrats to the point where people have this impression that we're just going to destroy it and it goes away for everyone. We're actually saving the program."

Chuck Todd: "You think it's a political mistake here?"

Mack: "I do. I think that it's a good plan. it preserves the program as is for people 55 and older."