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CBS/NYT poll: Obama unpopular on economy, but voters blame Bush, Wall Street more

From a CBS/NYT poll:

Most disapprove of how President Obama is dealing with the economy, but few Americans blame him for its current condition, which some think he inherited. Only 8% think the Obama administration deserves most of the blame for the state of the nation’s economy. More say George W. Bush’s administration (26%) and Wall Street and financial institutions (25%) are mostly to blame. 11% blame Congress....

Dissatisfaction with the country’s direction and mediocre approval ratings for the President should provide opportunities for Republican presidential candidates. And while Republicans are more enthusiastic than Democrats about the upcoming election, Republican voters are not yet especially enthusiastic about the field of candidates so far and want more choices.
Only 23% of Republican voters are satisfied with the candidates running for their party’s nomination for president, while a solid majority of 71% wishes they had more choices. At this point in 2007, a smaller majority of Republican voters were looking for more candidate choices.

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