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George LeMieux rakes in Gang of 6 (3?), U.S. Sen. cash

Ye olde fahioned U.S. Senate campaign-finance reports are up and imaged online, and it shows that former Sen. George LeMieux's colleagues invested $46,500 in his campaign at the end of June. Notable are the contributions of Saxby Chambliss, Tom Coburn and Mike Crapo, who are thre three Republicans in the so-called Gang of Six, which has released an outline of a rival debt-ceiling plan that rivals the more conservative "Cut, Cap and Balance" proposal of the U.S. House. The plan just died in the Senate.

So where do LeMieux's sympathies lie?

"He's for cut, cap and balance," said LeMieux spokesman Brian Seitchik.

But does LeMieux favor the Gang of Six plan? "He's for cut, cap and balance," said Seitchik.

It's probably a good answer, considering the way many conservatives revile the Gang of Six plan.

Anyway, here's the list of the senators' pacs that gave to LeMieux (notably absent: Sen. Jim DeMint, who's more likely to endorse LeMieux rival Adam Hasner):

Mike Crapo   Freedom Fund 2,500
Richard Burr   Next Century Fund 5000
Susan Collins   Dirigio PAC 5000
Lisa Murkowksi   Denali PAC 5,000
John Barrasso   Common Values PAC 5,000
Johnny Isakson   21st Centurty Majority PAC 5,000
Thad Cochran   Senate Victory Fund PAC 5000
Tom Coburn   Truth, Accountability and Courage PAC 5000
John Kyl   Senate Majority Fund 3000
Roy Blunt   Rely On Your Beliefs Fund 2500
Michael O. Johanns  Prairie Land PAC 2500
Chuck Grassley   The Hawkeye PAC 1,000
All Senators Total 46,500