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Gov. Rick Scott's Montana get-away

Gov. Rick Scott is taking a breather this week, escaping the Florida heat (and his poor poll numbers) with the 70-degree days and 50-degree nights in northwest Montana.

Where in Montana? The new 60.6-acre property near Troy, Mon. he bought on June 22. Tucked into the Kootenai National Forest, it's just a couple miles down the Kootenai River from the Big Sky property of his new chief of staff, Steve MacNamara.

We're told Scott, a multi-millionare with a beachfront home in Naples, bought the property for $1.45 million. (Montana is one of the few states where property sale prices are not public record.) Scott bought the land from Gerald Mercer, a retired executive registered to vote in St. Petersburg.

With a jam-packed schedule, it's unclear if Scott ever laid eyes on his new vacation home before this week. In any case, this is what he's seeing now: 

The property has a gorgeous 3,680-square foot log home built into the rock outcropping of a cliff, which delivers a bird's-eye view of the winding river to the west and the majestic Cabinet Mountains to the east. There is a bubbling spring near the home and 3,000 feet of river frontage.

"It's an incredible property," one Montana real estate expert said.