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Investigation tolls on David Rivera's fundraising

Once-prolific fundraiser David Rivera is having a tougher time raising loads of cash now that he's under investigation for his relationship with a dog track (last story here). The fundraising reports released last night for the second quarter of the year show the Miami Republican took in just $33,500. And he spent $40,584.82. So the freshmen whose party is railing about fiscal responsibility is shelling out more than he's taking in.

He spent $10,000 (about a third of the money raised) for "fundraising consulting" for Capital Strategies and GF Strategies (is that GF as in "girlfriend" Esther Nuhfer?. Perhaps not. It looks like the company has had some other work). One intriguing expense $6,038.13 for the Washington law firm of Patton Boggs.

Though he has $62,036.07 cash on hand, his committee's debts and obligations total $151,580.58 --nearly $90,000 for a "media expense" through the Victory Group and more than $46,000 for "fundraising consulting" via Capital Strategies and GF Strategies.