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Liberals make Allen West's 'vile' comments to Wasserman Schultz a campaign issue

Republican Rep. Allen West's email trashing of Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz now looks like a campaign issue.

A potential challenger, West Palm Beach Democrat Lois Frankel issued a written statement saying the Republican's "out of control, rude, sexist and completely inappropriate remarks is it any wonder that Washington can’t get anything done?  We have critical issues from the debt ceiling to creating jobs to two wars; yet instead of getting things done for South Florida families Allen West would rather grandstand and call names that are offensive to all of us."

Emily's list, the abortion-rights group, said in a statement that it will likely back Frankel and "will communicate with the almost one million members of our community in every way we can – on line, in the mail, through earned and paid media – to ensure they know of West’s angry assault on Wasserman Schultz – and to let them know that they have the power to replace West with strong, prochoice Lois Frankel."