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Mitt Romney 'big loser,' Michele Bachmann winner in Space Coast tea party poll

Mitt Romney appears to be the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination in Florida and the United States, but in one of the most Republican areas of Florida, the Space Coast, the tea-party grassroots don't seem to like much.

From the Patriot Radio blog, which called Romney the 'big loser:'

Straw poll results for the Presidential and U.S. Senate races conducted in late May and early June.

Who would you MOST like to see as President in 2012?

Michele Bachmann 14 votes
Sarah Palin – 14 votes
John Bolton – 9 votes
Ron Paul – 9 votes
Herman Cain – 8 votes
Chris Christie – 6 votes
Newt Gingrich – 2 votes
Gary Johnson – 1 vote
Tim Pawlenty – 1 vote
Mitt Romney – 1 vote
Rick Santorum – 1 vote
Mitch Daniels – 0 votes
John Huntsman – 0 votes

Undecided – 11 votes