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Pot for the people! MB mayor candidate blasts incumbent over weed nay vote

Normally we don't do local, local stuff. But hey, people read weed stories. From a press release:

Steve Berke, an Independent candidate for Mayor of Miami Beach, running on a libertarian platform, blasted the Miami Beach City Commission for refusing to put a referendum on the November ballot that would decriminalize Marujuana in the resort city. "No one had the courage to move to put this on the ballot for the Voters to decide - it's pathetic," said Berke, a South Florida native, Yale graduate and comedian who's humorous YouTube videos have been seen by millions. Berke says he is the candidate of the "After Party." The elelction is this November.

Advocates for the petition submitted 9,000 voter signatures to put the matter on the ballot - more than the turn-out for some City elections. Only 4,300 signatures are required. Berke addressed the City Commission in favor of the Measure yesterday.

"A special election next year will cost the city at least $200,000," said Berke, "adding it to the ballot this November would cost virtually nothing." "Mayor Matti Bower and her high-tax cohorts fear an influx of younger and more progressive voters who would be drawn to the polls by a marijuana initiative."

Bower is acting in her self-interest, not in the interests of the 9,000 constituents who penned their support for the petition.

"Why are these politicians postponing the vote until next year so they can win re-election," said Berke. "Why do they fear democracy?" By not taking the initiative and putting this issue on the ballot, they are going to cost this city a fortune."

"Once again Bower misses the boat," said Berke. "We have seen other cities, such as Denver, Seattle, and most recently Philadelphia, successfully decriminalize marijuana, and it has saved their taxpayers millions. In a time where our city is faced with a huge deficit, one that Matti Bower has created, supporting this measure will not only provide relief to our taxpayers, but will also allow our police force to focus on more serious crimes."