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Rick Scott, Miami high school savior?

Two Miami schools facing a shutdown because of low test scores, Miami Edison Senior High and Miami Central, will likely remain open this year, Gov. Rick Scott indicated Friday after a meeting with the head of Miami-Dade's school system.

In a closed-door meeting with Scott and the state's new education commissioner, Miami-Dade Superintendent Alberto Carvalho made his pitch. And he said it worked.

"The conversation fell on very sympathetic and supportive ears," Carvalho said. "Not only do I have hope, I can almost predict the outcome. I think the work that’s taking place in these schools has been remarkable. These schools have made dramatic progress....
I can guarantee you that these schools will not shut down. These schools will be open when every other school opens in Miami Dade for the next school year. There’s no mistaking there. We’re very, very convinced that cooler heads will prevail. There will be an announcement that these schools are in good shape"

Scott was more circumspect, but didn't deny that the schools will remain open.

"There will be an announcement in the next couple of hours. I had a great meeting with these superintendents. We care about kids and we want to make sure the right things are done for kids. And the superintendent here cares about the students in those schools. He’s very committed to making sure we have the best education possible," Scott said. "Every child can learn. Every child has the opportunity for a great education...These schools are community assets. My daughter’s a teacher and she falls in love with these kids. And the parents love these teachers. We want all the measurement. And it’s hard. We all want to do the right thing and I’m sure the right thing has happened."