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The camera & eye/I: The Shark Tank captures CaputoCam capturing fleeing Rep.

Miami Shores Democratic state Rep. Daphne Campbell didn't want to answer questions about a Medicaid-fraud. Circling the incident: El Sharko, of The Shark Tank Blog (nice enough to catch my disheveled appearance). Here are the two vids.


*** A note about the two videos. I normally don't use the first person "I" in blogs (and never in stories). I make an exception here because I'm the disheveled subject of a video. I've never used the phrase "CaputoCam," but that's the nickname it was given --perhaps first by outgoing House Republican leader Adam Hasner (now a U.S. Senate candidate) in 2010 when he gave a farewell speech, noting "perhaps we could have done without CaputoCam." The name stuck. Charlie Crist's former spokeswoman, Erin Isaac, preferred the name "CreepyCam."

I began using the camera because lawmakers often wondered why we couldn't get straight answers out of Crist. So I decided to show them how artful a dodger he was. Some are less artful.

Consider the case of Campbell.

Before the cameras went on, Campbell repeatedly refused interview requests with Miami Herald reporters (here's the first story). At Jackson Memorial Hospital Friday evening, where she attended a ceremonial bill signing, Campbell and her associate said I needed to call and make an appointment. She said she had a plane to catch to Pensacola. She then scurried over to hospital lobbyist Ron Book, who was standing next to Republican House leader Carlos Lopez-Cantera, whom she suggested had complicity in the line of questions. He didn't. Lopez-Cantera knew nothing of the Herald investigation.

As the camera went on, Lopez-Cantera pointed out to Campbell that she needed to stand on her own and face the press: "You're a state representative."