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Tony Fabrizio, Scott's mastermind of message, believes 'politics is never over'

If you love or hate Rick Scott as governor, there’s one man who deserves a lion’s share of the credit or blame: Tony Fabrizio.

A cigar-smoking data-crunching pollster, Fabrizio is the person Scott insiders point to as being the brains behind the Republican’s improbable transformation from political nobody to governor of the nation’s most important swing state.

Fabrizio’s role as Scott’s pollster and strategist didn’t end with the governor’s election. He still plots strategy, hones the governor’s message and polls for Scott by way of the Republican Party of Florida, which has paid him more than $183,000 since Election Day.

“During the transition, there was a belief that we’re here to govern and politics is over,” said Fabrizio. “Well, politics is never over." More here.