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Daphne Campbell faces Medicaid-fraud investigation (with video)

Months after Florida lawmaker Daphne Campbell promised to crack down on Medicaid fraud, state agents are now carrying out her pledge by focusing on an unexpected target: Campbell’s own health-care business.

The state attorney general’s office is tracing hundreds of thousands in payments by the state to group home companies that were run by Campbell and her husband, according to sources close to the investigation.

Investigators have gathered dozens of financial records from former owners whose facilities were managed by the couple to determine if the money was properly spent over the past four years.

Neither Campbell, 54, a Democrat whose House district covers northeast Miami-Dade, or Hubert Campbell, 46, who was convicted in a mortgage fraud case in 2007, would respond to interview requests.

The probe comes weeks after the arrest of the couple’s 28-year-old son, Gregory Campbell, in a separate Medicaid fraud case. He is accused of falsely billing the state for nearly $300,000 and has pleaded not guilty.

The most recent investigation is among a dozen being carried out by Medicaid fraud units across the state, but it is the only one involving someone directly tied to legislation affecting long-term care in Florida. Every year, the state spends millions of dollars to support people with disabilities and mental illness living in special homes.

The investigation follows years of disputes between the Campbells and the state over conditions in their group homes, including the state’s decision to stop funding the homes in 2006 after a woman with mental illness was raped and three others abruptly died in one of the facilities.

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