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Allen West leaves open door to U.S. Senate bid

U.S. Rep. Allen West (R-Plantation) left open the possibility of a U.S. Senate bid while speaking at a town hall meeting before more than 200 people at Shepherd of the Coast church in Fort Lauderdale Tuesday night.

During the question and answer session In response to a question but whether he will run for the Senate he said:

 “There are some people that want to talk to me about that – I’m not going to slam the door in their face.” West added that the only way he would change his plan to run for Senate rather than Congress would be “God would have to drop a manhole cover on my head. Four years I ago I was sitting in a desert. You don’t know what direction your life is going to take.”


(The desert reference refers to his experience in the Middle East -- West spent about 22 years in the Army and then worked as a contractor in Afghanistan.)


Asked after the town hall to identify the people urging him to run for Senate West told Naked Politics “that’s my business” and declined to give any timeframe for his decision.