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Corrections staff counters against Scott's staff over MSNBC deal

The state Department of Corrections has begun pushing back, ever so slightly, on the governor's office in the flap over the TV contract with the MSNBC series "Lockup." Scott's aides ordered Corrections Secretary Ed Buss to nix the cable deal, saying the governor's was unaware of it and didn't approve the cable outlet filming episodes at Santa Rosa Correctional Institution in Milton.

But the prison front office tells The Buzz that five aides to Gov. Rick Scott were made aware of the contract in April, in a routine summary of recent agency accomplishments. The aides (in April) were deputy chiefs of staff Doug Darling, Carrie O'Rourke and Jenn Ungru, former press secretary Brian Hughes and director of executive staff Diane Moulton.

The April 11 accomplishments summary includes this: The Department entered into a revenue generating contract with production company 44 Blue to produce six episodes of MSNBC Lockup inside Santa Rosa CI. The project wil educate the public on the important jobs of correctional officers and highlight the Department's re-entry and public safety mission. 44 Blue will pay the state of Florida $110,000 to film inside Santa Rosa CI. 

See the full accomplishments summary below and look for the fifth item, headlined "Lockup Santa Rosa Correctional Institution."

-- Steve Bousquet