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Updated** RPOF spox blasts reports that chairman will soon resign

The Shark Tank blog confirms the word in Republican circles that Republican Party of Florida Chairman Dave Bitner will likely resign his post after the Sept. 24 RPOF straw poll. A former legislator, he was diagnosed with ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease shortly after winning his post. Bitner's health has been badly deteriorating for months, and some wondered if he'd quit before that.

But RPOF spokesman Brian Hughes takes issue with the reports:

"David Bitner is the Chairman of the RPOF, and he is working everyday to advance the mission of our party. He has courageously and publicly discussed his ALS diagnosis, and yet he works everyday to make Florida better. These new reports about his future as the RPOF’s chairman are premature, factually inaccurate, and reek of the worst kind of political opportunism. People should spend less time gossiping about Chairman Bitner and more time admiring a man who displays principled leadership every single day."