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High-speed rail might be dead, but the talk about it isn't

As Florida Gov. Rick Scott continues to tour the state, popping up on TV around the state, reporters continue to ask him about his decision to kill the high-speed rail line from Tampa to Orlando.

In response, he's been saying it wasn't quite the deal everyone thought it was.

"Here is the deal," he told Tampa's local CBS affiliate. "I offered it to everybody and nobody wants to do this and that's why I'm not doing it. They offered, the federal government, here's the deal. ... I'm going to give you $2.4 billion -- that sounds nice right? You've got to put up a billion dollars to finish the project. And you are going to lose money every year. And if you decide, gosh I'm tired of losing that money, you've got to give the $2.4 billion back. It's a bad deal."

Scott made a similar claim about the $1 billion cost for Florida during a meet-and-greet with Tampa Bay Buccaaneers coach Raheem Morris after the coach made a comment about liking rail.

Readers picked up on the line and asked PolitiFact Florida if Scott got Florida's share of the high-speed construction correct.