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Huntsman in single digits, while advisor John Weaver rakes in $217k and counting

While Jon Huntsman trumpeted a big jobs plan today, his homestate newspaper, the Salt Lake Tribune, reported on even more lucrative work: For his campaign consultants. (Story is here).

Tops on the list is Jon Weaver, who took in nearly $217,000 from Huntsman's political action committee. That doesn't include the money Weaver has raked in from the campaign itself.

Weaver garnered a few bad headlines due to his bad temper, including this Miami Herald story earlier in August about Huntsman's struggles. We quoted Republican operative Roger Stone saying this at the time: "This is vintage John Weaver. He goes for the treasury misspends money and inevitably there’s a staff shakeup. If Jon Huntsman is smart, he’ll get rid of Weaver before he goes broke."

Since then, Huntsman has moved from single digits in a Florida poll to 0 in the latest Mason-Dixon survey, which has undecideds at 3 percent. Huntsman's campaign is nominally based in Florida.