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Oops. Adam Hasner's old campaign mailer used the 'M' word: moderate


Incoming Florida Senate President Don Gaetz once said that he tries to speak "honeyed words so that when I have to eat them, they taste sweet."

Well, open up Adam Hasner.

The Republican U.S. Senate candidate who's stumping as an unwavering conservative hardliner. But he didn't always, notes Jack Furnari, a Broward Republican and blogger who unearthed an old Hasner mailer that bears the now-dreaded "m" word: "Moderate." Based on that and a few other mailers Furnari says in the BizPac review that the Delray Republican is a "moderate-conservative chameleon."

We didn't go that far, but in this piece, the Herald/Times noted that Hasner's campaign rhetoric doesn't always match his record.

Belated public apologies to Furnari as well. In 2010, in private email correspondence, I questioned how he could state that Crist was leaving the Republican Party when the governor had repeatedly denied it.