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Rep. Gonzalez stays put, drops out of Hialeah mayor bid (Mayor Rudy Garcia?)

A press statement from Hialeah Republican Rep. Eddy Gonzalez:

"Today, I am announcing that I have decided not to run for Hialeah Mayor. During a time when the Current Administration has demagogued the issues, a budget deficit is looming, and our economy is still shaky, I feel a contested primary would be a distraction. While a serious debate about the fiscal condition of our city is needed...the heavy hand of a Populist Administration will not allow this debate to continue. This special election is slowly but surely focusing on personality clashes, personal agendas and not what is most important for the future of Hialeah.

With committee weeks and legislative session fast approaching, it is time for me to turn my full attention and focus solely on my duties as State Representative as deserved by my constituents. The fact that we are entering a much anticipated and very important redistricting session, I feel an obligation and sense of responsibility and therefore, feel I can better serve my community by remaining in the State Capitol in Tallahassee.

If this were only about me, I would go on...but it has never been about me. I entered this race because I love Hialeah, it is where I was raised and have resided all my life, and more importantly, because it is the place where my children will grow. In this time of Fiscal uncertainty, I shall stay the course and continue my growth in the House of Representatives for the well being of our residents and for our beautiful City of Hialeah.

With that being said, I will continue to be involved and work hand and hand with the people of Hialeah towards rebuilding confidence, growth, and stability. A future return to the city I love is still very much alive, as it is a dream I intend to see realized.

I want to thank all those who contributed and all the countless volunteers who have been part of this campaign since January with such commendable energy, enthusiasm, and focus.

If I have disappointed any of my supporters, please accept my sincerest apology and know that this was a tremendously difficult decision for me; a decision reached exclusively through prayer and the unconditional support of my wife, family and closest friends.

Thank you and God bless the City of Hialeah."