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With Tim Pawlenty out, where will his Florida endorsements go?

Erstwhile presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty picked up a slew of endorsements from Florida GOP lawmakers, including House speaker designate Will Weatherford, and potential future speakers Richard Corcoran and Chris Dorworth. So with Pawlenty out, where will those endorsements go? 

“I’ve talked to Chris. I've talked to Will," Corcoran told The Buzz. "I think we're going to likely end up in the same camp."

Which camp that is, though, remains to be seen.

"I think (Gov. Rick) Perry's entry and the fanfare that has come with it has opened the door for other people to reconsider," Corcoran said, drawing attention to a Politico article that names Chris Christie, Paul Ryan and Rudy Guiliani as potential candidates. "I think the dynamic is this thing’s still wide open for other people to get in." 
Corcoran said there's "a lot of enthusiasm" for the current slate of candidates, but he's going to wait awhile before getting into a rebound relationship.
“I like the existing field. I like it a lot. But I would like to feel secure that it’s the final field before I make a decision," Corcoran said. "When you jump in early and you go all in and your heart's there and you want to make a difference, and your guy gets out pretty early, it makes you cautious. You say, 'Ok, I still think the best person to be president was Tim Pawlenty. I would have loved to see him fight through P5,' " he said. "We could have really gone to work and made a difference at P5."
Similarly, Weatherford said he's "waiting for the dust to settle" before getting behind another candidate.  "I’ve talked to all the candidates on the phone who are in," Weatherford said. "I’ve told them my plan is to take at least a little bit of a breather."