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Gallup: Obama's monthly approval lowest ever among whites, blacks, Hispanics

For a few weeks now, President Obama's election team and his supporters have claimed that he's not in trouble with his base. That doesn't seem true if you talk to a few people at the grocery store or you flip on the radio or, more scientifically, look at this latest Gallup post: "Obama approval sinks to new lows among whites, Hispanics."

That's a headline that sounds as if the Republican National Committee wrote it.

Only 41 percent of adults approved of Obama's job performance in August, a new low. About 48 percent of Hispanic adults approved. That's down from 60 percent in January. Still, only 37 percent of Hispanics currently disapproved of Obama's job handling in August. The killer: only 33 percent of whites -- the nation's biggest voting demographic -- approved. Even support among blacks is slipping (albeit from astronomically high to extremely high).

It's not just Gallup finding it.

Says the Washington post: "A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows those who supported his 2008 election leaving the president in unprecedented numbers.

The number of Obama 2008 voters who approve of his job performance is down to 79 percent, and on the economy, it’s 70 percent. Both are new lows for the president."

Says Politico: "The once-muscular presidency of Barack Obama has undergone a dramatic downsizing – in power, popularity, prestige and ambition – to the point where even Obama die-hards are starting to question his ability to right the economy or win reelection.

Three polls in a single day Tuesday all told the same sorry tale – the avatar of hope and change, the slayer of Osama bin Laden, the president with dreams of a billion-dollar reelection campaign - is losing popular support and bleeding political power fifteen months ahead of Election Day."