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Herman Cain: Rick Perry 'was not up to prime time' in FL debate

FOX news' Megyn Kelly just hosted Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, where he talked about his Florida straw poll win Saturday, Rick Perry's bad debate performance and his upcoming book. Kelly asked Cain if he really won it, or Perry really just lost it. It was a bit both. See our breaking-news story here.

Cain pointed out that he gave specifics, answered questions and reached out to voters more than any of the other candidates. As for Perry's performance?

"With all due respect, it was not up to prime time. His performance, quite frankly, was not up to par with anybody up on that stage --not in terms of the issues, per se, but in just debate delivery," Cain said. "His answers were not crisp. They were not succinct. And I think one of the biggest disappointments was when Bret Baier (debate moderator) asked him, well, 'What is your economic growth plan?' He didn't have one. You would have thought, getting all this free publicity for weeks, that you would have at least already started to work on the outline of what you're going to do about the biggest crisis we face -- other than national security -- which is this economy. And I think that disappointed a lot of people...."

Cain said he was going to use the straw poll win to catapult himself into the top tier of the race because when people hear him, they like him.

"I was able to deliver my message on Saturday and that delivered a lot of votes," Cain said. "Remember, my name ID prior to Saturday was 50 percent. I don't know what it is going to be now, but it's going to be significantly higher... You're going to see me move up gradually... The way we're going to parlay that is to continue to do what I've been doing: Taking my message to the people...."

"My website, the traffic went up by a factor of 10 after saturday as well as the contributions. Now I don't want people to think that i don't need more money. Yes we do -- Hermaincain.com --  but the fact of the matter is, more and more people are saying: "Who is Herman Cain?" And you know what, Megyn? I'm going to answer that question with my new book that's coming out in October, coincidentally, entitled -- drumroll -- This is Herman Cain."