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Is Carole Crist wondering whether Charlie should run for governor as a Democrat?

While watching the Florida Gators game on Saturday from university President Bernie Machen's box, the state's former First Lady Carole Crist leaned over to state House Democratic Leader Ron Saunders and asked, "Do you think Charlie should run as a Democrat for governor?"

Saunders, who recalled the conversation, replied, "Might as well."

"He's always had a lot of support from Democrats," said Saunders, D-Key West. "I just think if he got a strong primary ... of course, at this point Nan Rich is not campaigning. Someone like a Rod Smith might be tough, but I don't know if Rod would even run. So if Charlie switched parties and ran as a Democrat, I think he'd have a reasonable chance.

"Of course, he was sitting there with John Morgan who's got millions of dollars and is a big Democrat and would probably be supportive of him. And Charlie is one of the best retail politicians I've ever known. He and Bill Clinton are probably the two best that I've ever met, and I've met a lot of them. So you can never rule Charlie Crist out."

Carole Crist was active in her husband's U.S. Senate campaign, but this was most likely fun political banter during a TV timeout. Crist has given no indications that he's made any decision about running again for public office. "Enjoying the freedom of the private sector," Crist said.