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Lisa Greer hits back at George LeMieux, the "handpicked Senator of Charlie Crist "

Lisa Greer took issue with Senate candidate and former Charlie Crist advisor George LeMieux for saying her husband, Jim Greer, was both "sad" and dishonest for implicating him in a secret contract at the center of the criminal case against the former Republican Party chairman (background here).

So today, Lisa Greer hit back on Facebook:

"Thanks for the many posts, emails and calls of support after the TV Special. Of course it has been met with some false responses issued in press releases by those who want to protect their own contracts and careers. To those who remain committed to destroy Jim no matter what the cost to my family, we stand firm with the truth on our side and will continue to reveal your corruption. By the way George, the only wrong turn my husband made was trusting in folks like you he believed to be honorable. The former handpicked Senator of Charlie Crist is desperately courting the support of the grassroots activists in distancing himself with a web of lies. He must have forgotten that he told Jim and I on a number of occassions that the Republicans only win elections in spite of the REC's and grassroots activists, not because of them."