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RPOF: Last place Jon Huntsman team "has redifined irony," "defies reason"

The decision by Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman's campaign to downplay Florida and call the Republican Party of Florida's straw poll "diminished" has provoked a response from, well, RPOF.

"The Huntsman team has redefined irony<' RPOF spokesman Brian Hughes said in a written statement. "On the day a campaign that polls near last place calls Presidency 5 “diminished” the campaign polling in first place announces it will vigorously compete to win P5. Florida Republicans will help the ultimate nominee win this state and the White House. Why any campaign would choose to disparage the 3500 people who represent the core of our state party’s base defies reason."

RPOF sent out a separate release about the straw poll and event called Presidency 5: 

Today Governor Rick Perry announced that he “is fully committed to participating in P5.” Earlier this week, Speaker Newt Gingrich and Senator Rick Santorum both confirmed their full participation. This follows full commitments from Herman Cain, Representative Ron Paul, and Ambassador Jon Huntsman.
In addition to these six full participants during the 3-day Presidency 5 event, Representative Michele Bachmann and Governor Mitt Romney will participate in the Presidency 5 debate sponsored by FOX News and Google.  The debate is Thursday, September 22 in Orlando, FL.

Presidency 5 rules mean that the Saturday Straw Poll ballot will include all the participants who appear in the FOX News/Google debate.

“Our 3500 delegates, on behalf of Florida’s Republicans, will hear from the leading candidates and make their votes count on Saturday,” said RPOF spokesman Brian Hughes. “You can’t win the White House if you can’t win Florida, and this event is the first real test for these national campaigns here in the Sunshine State.”