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Scott willing to jeopardize Republican delegates to the national convention?

Gov. Rick Scott has been clear about where he wants Florida's presidential primary: As early as possible without violating Republican National Committee calendar and losing delegates to the convention in Tampa next  year.

But as the state's presidential primary committee prepares to pick a date, Scott seems to be leaning more toward an early primary.

"We are, if you add up all the delegates and the number of people that live in these states - the four states before us, we're still larger," Scott told reporters Monday. "We should be early and we shouldn’t lose our delegates.”

State Sen. John Thrasher, a Jacksonville Republican on the selection committee who is supporting Mitt Romney, said Florida's election should immediately follow South Carolina.

"I want to be right after South Carolina, whether it's two days or three days or four says. If they do it on a Saturday, we should be the following Tuesday." Thrasher said. "I think that's where everybody is."

The South Carolina election is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 28. But that date is expected to change after Arizona moved its primary to the same day as South Carolina. RNC rules carry penalties for any state party (aside from Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina) that holds a primary before March 6.