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Gambling expert: Cuba will have casinos in 10 years

Just as China's Macao exploded with casinos when monopoly control of gaming ended in 2002, so too will gaming explode in communist Cuba after the death of Castro, predicts gambling law expert Nelson I. Rose. His intriquing essay was written after President Obama announced he would ease restrictions on travel to Cuba early this year.

Here's the top of his piece. Read more here, from his website,

Cuba Will Have Casinos, Again
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President Obama has just announced that he is easing restrictions on visits to Cuba; the second time he will be relaxing travel rules imposed on Americans by Pres. George W. Bush.

Casual tourism is still difficult, but it will be much easier for students and teacher, religious groups and journalists to request permission to visit Cuba.  He had already made it easier for Cuban-Americans to travel to see relatives on the island.

Although the State Department takes the position that tourists cannot legally travel to Cuba, my reading of the statutes is a little different.  To obey federal laws, all U.S. citizens have to do is not spend any money whatsoever once they set foot on the island.

But that law will have to be changed.  Because Cuba will have casinos within the next 10 years.