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Newt Gingrich becomes 6th GOPer to boycott Univision debate.

Newt Gingrich just became the sixth Republican presidential candidate to refuse to appear on Univision because of how the Spanish-language network tried to "extort" Sen. Marco Rubio, in the words of his defenders and friends. Today's story on the boycott is here.

Here's the statement:

Atlanta, GA - Joe DeSantis, Communications Director and Spokesperson for presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, issued the following statement reacting to reports that Univision attempted to employ extortion tactics against Florida Senator Marco Rubio: 

 “Newt has always enjoyed his appearances on Univision. He believes the scheduled Univision debate on January 29, 2012 is an important opportunity for Latinos to hear the conservative message of economic opportunity and pro-family values.  However, the reports of extortion tactics by Univision against Senator Rubio are disturbing, especially since they cite sources within the news agency.  They must be addressed in a satisfactory manner before Newt will consider appearing at the debate.  We trust that Univision will take the time necessary to conduct a thorough internal investigation into this matter and if it is true at any level, apologize to Senator Rubio so that the scheduled debate can continue.” 

 DeSantis added: 

 “Newt Gingrich has the utmost respect and admiration for Senator Rubio. They worked together on the 100 Ideas for Florida’s Future campaign before he became Speaker of the Florida House.  Newt stands with Marco and with all those who understand the need for a vigilant but ethical news media.”