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Republican politicians in Senate race point fingers over 'career' label

A variation on the same theme today from a pair of Republican U.S. Senate campaigns.

Below, you'll find the latest web video from George LeMieux. LeMieux is a former U.S. senator who first ran for office in 1998 and has spent much of his career in politics. Despite that background, he wants to paint incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson and GOP primary rival Connie Mack as 'career politicians.'

Earlier today, we received a similar blast from fellow Republican Senate hopeful Adam Hasner trying to raise money by hanging the label on both LeMieux and Mack. Hasner's background is, of course, eight years in the Florida House including four as the majority leader. His letter below, too.



Dear Mike,

There may be lot of ghosts, goblins and monsters running around your neighborhood today, but you know what's really scary?

Six more years of career Washington politicians.

George LeMieux, Connie Mack, and Bill Nelson are the only people in America who believe that sending Washington politicians back to Washington will help solve the problems they created.

When you look behind the masks, all three of them are part of the earmarking, big-spending, no-accountability culture in Washington that has created record debt, economic uncertainty, and the real threat of a diminished future.

Combined, they have requested and voted for billions and billions of dollars of wasteful earmark spending in Washington.

That's a real horror story.

We can't expect the people who helped create the problems in Washington to solve them.

That's why we need your help to send Adam to Washington. He'll stand up not just to the Democrats, but to the Republicans who act like them.

Your secure contribution of $25, $50, $100, or $250 will help us build a principled, limited-government campaign to defeat the Washington insiders like Nelson, LeMieux and Mack...and close down their fiscal house of horrors.

With a conservative Senate, we can make Washington a whole lot scarier for tax and spend liberals, big government Republicans and the other creatures from Washington.

Thank you for your continued support,

Team Hasner