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'Casinos are not the solution to everything,' Marco Rubio warns

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, a Republican, has not closely reviewed or made up his mind on proposals to bring mega casinos to Miami.

But Rubio, in a Spanish-language radio appearance Monday morning, cautioned that gaming is not a cure-all to a city's economic problems. He noted that Las Vegas, where he lived as a child, "is suffering enormously."

"Casinos are not the solution to everything," he told WQBA-AM (1140)'s Bernadette Pardo. "They bring their problems and have a negative impact on other industries."

"As a resident of the county and the state, I am going to educate myself on [the proposal] and have a stronger opinion in the future," he added.

In his Florida House tenure, Rubio publicly opposed expanding gaming in South Florida. But pro-gambling legislation also passed in the chamber when he led it as Speaker.