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Genting's lavish promises raise legislative doubts

In the debut debate over the resort casinos bill Wednesday, the head of Genting Americas offered legislators glittering promises and pitches — from guaranteeing non-stop flights between Asia and Miami, to $1.7 billion in new revenue to the state, to the purchase of thousands of Disney World tickets for resort patrons.

But the sales job, including the creation of 100,000 jobs, seemed “over the top” to the Senate sponsor of the bill and even to some of the Las Vegas companies that also want a piece of the action. The bill’s sponsor said Genting’s presentation may have backfired on the company.

“They actually kill their own case because, based on what they want to do, they’re going to put all the pari-mutuels out of business and every restaurant in Miami — and a couple hotels too,’’ said bill sponsor Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff, a Fort Lauderdale Republican, after the meeting of the Senate Regulated Industries Committee. Genting’s numbers for the economic potential of three $2 billion mega resorts proposed in her bill, she said, “are over the top.” Story here.