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PPP: Connie Mack 40%, George LeMieux 12%

From Public Policy Polling:

In the Florida Senate primary Connie Mack IV is stronger now than he was before he decided not to run before he decided to run. In late March Mack was polling at 28% in a Republican primary. Now we find him leading the way with 40% to 12% for George LeMieux, 4% for Mike McCalister, and 3% each for Adam Hasner and Craig Miller.

Name recognition is certainly a big part of Mack's early advantage. 57% of voters are familiar with him compared to only 29% for LeMieux, 18% for Hasner, and 17% for McCalister and Miller. But this is interesting to note too:

-Among voters familiar with Hasner, Mack leads Hasner 41-5.

-Among voters familiar with LeMieux, Mack leads LeMieux 40-25.

-Among voters familiar with McCalister, Mack leads McCalister 36-15.

-Among voters familiar with Miller, Mack leads Miller 36-8.

The bottom line? Name recognition is certainly an important part of the equation, but even when you account for that Mack's well ahead. And he has strong numbers across the ideological lines of the GOP, getting 44% with 'very conservative' voters, 43% with 'somewhat conservative' ones, and 32% with moderates.