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Senate's offers House redistricting olive branch: we'll take your map

Senate Redistricting Chairman Don Gaetz said Tuesday that the Senate will not be releasing a map redrawing the political boundaries for the House but instead will accept the House's plan in a one-for-one trade.

"I hope the House will take the Senate map and we in return ought to give deference to the House map,'' Gaetz told the Herald/Times. 

The Republican from Niceville, who has been designated the next Senate president, said the negotiations should be over the Congressional maps. "The congressional map we've drawn is not going to be the last word,'' he said.

Rep. Will Weatherford, the Wesley Chapel Republican who has been designated his chamber's next speaker, said the House, however, still plans to release one or more Senate maps next Tuesday. The House redistricting committees will release multiple maps for House, Senate and Congress and discuss them in workshops next week, he said.

"We will take into consideration the Senate map,'' said Weatherford, who is also the House's redistricting chairman. "It's still early in the process. We're only in the second or third inning of a nine inning game."