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Parental Advisory: Sexist rap video from high school whence FAMU hazing victims hailed

AP reports The fallout from the death of a Florida A&M University drum major broadened Wednesday to nearly two dozen high schools in Georgia, where marching band activities were suspended over concerns of "inappropriate physical activity" between band mates.

Gov. Rick Scott has called for the resignation of FAMU's head, James Ammons, prompting hundreds of FAMU students to march in protest to the Governor's Mansion this evening.

The two victims both attended Southwest DeKalb High School. Here's an interesting aside: A rap video "Bitch U ride the MARTA bus" spun four years ago by a group that calls itself SWD Drum Majors. If any of these guys went to SW Dekalb and then FAMU, they could be juniors.

Sexist, mean and crude, the rap is about how these guys wont give car rides to girls, who therefore have to therefore take Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority. Content aside, these guys know how to rap and lay a track with an infectious hook. There's some pro talent here. Like the rap, the video is grimy and straight outta the dirty dirty: