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Pasco straw poll winners: Ron Paul (prez) Adam Hasner (sen.)

Note to self and anyone else who cares: We're going to try to limit the straw poll stuff in the future to county executive committee straw polls and large tea party votes (sorry, Dems, Occupy Wall Street isn't into the straw-poll thing).

And so we come to the Pasco County straw poll, which we neglected to mention with the other two blogged about today. Pasco is a significant bellweather county for Republicans. Of the 279 The results for president [Note: Paulites reportedly skewed the results and came from all over, not just Pasco]:

Ron Paul 171 (61%)
Newt Gingrich 51 (18%)
Mitt Romney  30 (11%)
Rick Perry 14 (5%)
Rick Santorum  (6 2%)
Herman Cain 1 (0%)
Jon Huntsman 1 (0%)
Gary Johnson 1 (0%)

The Senate results (includes 53 undervote):

115 Adam Hasner – 51%

57 Connie Mack – 25%

18 Mike McCalister – 8%

11 Craig Miller – 4%

7 George LeMieux – 3%