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A chat with NBC's Chuck Todd

We were able to catch up with NBC's Chuck Todd, who was in Tallahassee Tuesday for an Environmental Summit, and get in a couple of questions about Florida politics. Here's what he had to say.

Q: Could you please talk a little bit about Florida's importance in the GOP presidential race?

Todd: It was a decider four years ago, and it will make the decision of whether the primary is over or goes on. If Romney wins it, he ends it. (Florida) is a conservative electorate, so that may not be as easy a task as it may look. But not a lot of people thought Rick Scott would beat Bill McCollum in Florida's GOP governor primary, so there ya go.

Q: Do you think Sen. Bill Nelson is vulnerable in the U.S. Senate race?

Todd: Absolutely. It's going to get a little bit lost in the shuffle provided the convention. It's hard to beat an incumbent senator in Florida because of the late primary.  Senator Nelson is acting like a guy who is vulnerable and he knows it.