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Adam Putnam: Newt Gingrich's "erratic temperament" wouldn't work in the White House

Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam praised Mitt Romney's business acumen and bashed Newt Gingrich's fiery temper in comments to reporters Monday.

"You know, I worked with Speaker Gingrich when I was in Washington. And I feel that his troubled past, his record, his erratic temperament, is ill-suited for the presidency," Putnam, a longtime Romney supporter and former congressman. "He was a great Speaker, he was a revolutionary leader. But you want a real practical, conservative temperament in the White House, and I have concerns about Newt's temper."

Sounds like Romney's December assessment of Gingrich as "zany."

Putnam said he planned to attend tonight's 9 p.m. debate, sponsored by the Tampa Bay Times, NBC, National Journal and the Florida Council of 100 at the University of South Florida in Tampa.

With all of the attention on Florida, Putnam praised legislators for moving up Florida's primary date to Jan. 31 (despite penalties, including a loss of half of its 100 delegates).

"I think that affirms the Legislature's decision to move Florida's primary schedule up because all of these candidates are in Florida. They are  talking to Floridians in ways that they would not have done (if they had waited until Super Tuesday). So this is good for Florida."