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Bill McCollum to co-chair Newt Gingrich Florida campaign

Former Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum, who lost to Rick Scott in the bitter Republican gubernatorial primary, is helping out his former pal, Newt Gingrich, with whom he served in Congress.

McCollum is scheduled to open Gingrich's Orlando headquarters on Jan. 13,

McCollum's endorsement doesn't mean much (few do, so it's not a knock on McCollum). Consider this story from News 13 in Orlando, which gives McCollum the same billing as former Orange County Mayor Rich Crotty, who's to co-chair the campaign.

McCollum has a good work ethic, an ability to raise money and his knowledge of Florida and its election map are tough to match. McCollum's endorsement and support of Gingrich is a pretty sure sign that few people from Scott world will be on Gingrich's team. Most, like pollster Tony Fabrizio, are already on Texas Gov. Rick Perry's squad anyway.

The 2010 race wasn't the only bitter election featuring McCollum. In 2004, he was beaten in the Republican primary by Sen. Mel Martinez, who's now heading up Mitt Romney's efforts in Florida.