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In Miami, Mitt Romney slams Newt Gingrich on Spanish-language radio: 'I don't think Reagan would have agreed with Gingrich'

As part of the ongoing South Florida presidential primary battle for Hispanic voters, Mitt Romney has a new spot airing in Spanish-language radio in Miami that slams Newt Gingrich's repeated mentions of Ronald Reagan in the former House speaker's advertisements geared at Hispanics. The refrain: "I don't think Reagan would have agreed with Gingrich."

Here's a partial transcript. The translation is ours. (UPDATE: We now have the full transcript, still our translation.) 

Newt Gingrich says he is conservative in the style of Reagan. But let's analyze the facts. Gingrich said he would not change the failed policy of Barack Obama on trips to Cuba that have served to fill the coffers of the Castro tyranny and increase repression on the island. I don't think Reagan would have agreed with Gingrich. Gingrich enriched himself with Freddie Mac, one of the principle companies responsible for the mortgage collapse that has caused so much damage in our community. Reagan would have never joined forces with Nancy Pelosi as Gingrich did for advancing the extreme left agenda. And Reagan would have never offended Hispanics as Gingrich did when he said Spanish is the language of the ghetto. Now, searching for votes, Gingrich wants to change history. But the facts speak for themselves. Paid for by Romney for President, Incorporate.

Romney himself closes out the ad, saying, in halting Spanish: Soy Mitt Romney. Estoy postulado para presidente y apruebo este mensaje. "I'm Mitt Romney. I'm running for president, and I approve this message."