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Jon Huntsman, George LeMieux have a 'Rachel Maddow Republican' in the Florida woodpile

MaddowFrom Politico:

A single tweet from Jon Huntsman's senior finance director has become a talking point at the conservative Weekly Standard.
Last night, the Standard posted a speculative item with the headline, "Is Jon Huntsman a Rachel Maddow Republican?" -- a reference to finance director Ann Herberger's tweet stating that MSNBC's Rachel Maddow was her "new hero" because she "loves and believes in Jon Huntsman.
"This might not kill Huntsman in New Hampshire, where Democrats and independents often participate in the Republican primary," the Standard's Stephen Hayes wrote, "but it probably won't help him in South Carolina or Florida.
This is a two-fer of a political face-palm moment. Herberger, a Jeb Bush loyalist FYI, also works for Senate candidate George LeMieux