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Ron Paul's Florida flier, 6-page newsletter blasts GOP "counterfeits," Obama

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PaulcoverRon Paul looks like the only other Republican candidate who's joining Mitt Romney in going after Florida's early voters. So far, about 410,000 absentee ballots have been mailed to Florida Republicans. Romney has hit some of them up twice. But it looks like he's not hitting everyone. This Paul mailer was received by a pattern Republican primary voter from Miami who has so far received mail from no one else.

Some question the financial wisdom of so-called chase mail to move voters who cast absentee ballots. Do these flyers move voters to mail their ballots in quickly based on the last mail piece they see? Are they more likely to vote based on television ads or debates? 

It's not clear if it's worth the electoral bang for the buck. But if you have the buck, take a chance on a bang. It probably doesn't hurt. And in Romney's case, he's taking few chances. He and his SuperPac are also bombarding the state airwaves.

Paul's mailer is an apt reflection of the candidate. Like the candidate who's prone to give long answers to questions, the mailer includes six single-spaced pages of detailed explanation that hammer his opponents and play up his strengths. But, in the eyes of his critics, anything that recalls the race-baiting and gay-bashing Ron Paul Political Report newsletters of the 1990s is fair game.  Ron Paul disavows the bigoted language.

In the poll mailer, President Obama is criticized for his big spending, Romney for passing a template of ObamaCare and Gingrich for once supporting it (the health mandate, that is). Paul spares Rick Perry, Jon Huntsman and Rick Santorum any mention in the letter. The glossy flier that accompanies the newsletter depicts "counterfeits" Romney, Gingrich and Perry but leaves out Huntsman and Santorum. It's a sign that polling indicates Huntsman and Santorum probably can't win Florida right now, though that could (could) change.

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