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NBC News/Marist poll: Mitt Romney leads Newt Gingrich by 15 percent in Florida

Mitt Romney's Florida lead over chief rival Newt Gingrich is 42 percent to 27 percent, according to this poll by NBC News/Marist. See press release below:

In the contest for the Republican nomination in Florida, Mitt Romney leads Newt Gingrich, 42% to 27%, among likely Republican primary voters including those who are undecided yet leaning toward a candidate, early voters, and those who voted absentee in the state.  Did Romney’s strong performance in Thursday night’s debate boost his support?  How does he fare among those who have already voted in Florida?  And, does he maintain his lead if Rick Santorum suspends his campaign?  Find out in this new NBC News/Marist Poll of Florida. 

Other highlights from this NBC News/Marist Poll include opinions on: 
  - Voters’ intensity of support for their candidate of choice 
  - Voters’ second choice candidate 
  - The candidate voters like the least 
  - The quality voters consider to be the most important in a candidate 
  - The candidate thought to be the true conservative 
  - The candidate who best represents the middle class 
  - The candidate who can best debate President Barack Obama 
  - The candidate most likely to change Washington for the better 
  - The candidate who best reflects voters’ views on immigration 
  - The candidate who best understands voters’ problems 
  - The candidates’ acceptability as GOP nominee 
  - The influence of debates on voters’ decisions 
  - Whether voters want a short or long nomination process 
  - Whether or not voters think a Mormon is a Christian 
  - Hypothetical general election contests between Obama and the GOP contenders 
  - President Obama’s job performance