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Once showing Gingrich up, I/A poll now shows Romney leading by 8

Just a few days ago, Monday, Newt Gingrich was a Florida frontrunner in an InsiderAdvantage poll. Now he's losing.

Times-Union/InsiderAdvantage Jan. 25 Florida poll (MoE +/-$%): Mitt Romney 40%, Newt Gingrich 32%, Ron Paul 9; Rick Santorum 8. The poll shows Romney leading Gingrich among every group, including 15 percentage points among women and 32 percentage points among Hispanics.

Times-Union: The swing does not come as a shock to Matt Towery, Insider Advantage’s founder.

“Gingrich does not have the television presence, and he had a tepid debate performance,” said Towery, a Times-Union columnist who is a former Gingrich staffer.

Towery said that because debates have played such an influential role in the nominating process, tonight’s Jacksonville debate at the University of North Florida could serve as kingmaker in Florida.

“We expected Gingrich to be this great debater, and he just wasn’t [in Tampa],” Towery said. “Jacksonville will be his make or break.”

Posted by Adam C. Smith