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Your name on the Turnpike?

ScholbusComing soon to a bike trail, public school cafeteria or Turnpike exit ramp near you: Corporate naming rights?

That may soon be the case, if lawmakers pass a number of proposed bills making their way through the Capitol.

Behind the idea is Rep. Irv Slosberg, a Boca Raton Democrat who says the state needs to find creative ways to bring in money without raising taxes.

“I’m an entrepreneur,” said Slosberg, who was in the handbag business before running for elected office. “I know how to generate revenue.”

One of Slosberg’s bills would allow naming rights to be sold on any state-owned transportation facility, including rest areas, highway lanes, toll facilities – even Florida’s Turnpike. The bulk of the revenue raised would go to the Department of Transportation.

Slosberg is pushing a similar proposal to allow naming rights for greenways and bicycle trails.

Two other Slosberg bills apply to public schools. One would let schools sell the naming rights to their cafeterias. The other would allow school districts to sell advertising space on the side of yellow school buses. In both cases, the money would support education.

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