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$10k=pic with Obama at the Biltmore. $15k=pic with Obama at lawyer's home near Timbaland manse

At the same time Barack Obama's supporters highlight the wealth of Republican Mitt Romney and his ties to special interests, the president's re-election team is ready to gobble up loads of cash at the Biltmore Hotel and then the Pinecrest home of Chris Korge, perhaps Miami-Dade's most influential fundraiser power-broker. Last December, Republican Jeb Bush even kissed Korge on his shiny head.

The Feb. 23 big-money fundraiser highlights just how much cash campaigns burn and how much of it comes from the elites. At the same time, Obama's campaign has announced it will accept the help of the very type of special interest-funded PACs that the president has criticized.

Last election cycle, Korge was all-in for Obama's Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, and threw a fundraising bash for her that featured his next-door neighbor, Tim Mosley, aka Timbaland. Will we see a repeat? The fundraiser invite suggests not:


We have just got sign off on our biggest opportunity yet in this campaign to help re elect President Obama and send a message that Florida is in his corner this year.

We are still working out the details but we know a couple of things right now and I wanted to give you the information as soon as possible to maximize your success.

At approximately 1:00pm we will have a late lunch at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables.  The exact make up of it is still in flux but we know a couple of things and I think this event is going to sell out at some of the levels extremely quickly.

We have tables for $25,000 and $10,000 with 10 seats at each.  We need people to undertake the responsibility to fill these tables.  Anyone who is a table captain (raising at least $10,000) will be invited to a photo reception with President Obama.  We will also have some seats (the best in the house!) at $5,000 each and if you and a spouse, partner, friend buy 2 tickets and you get a picture together, you also will be invited to the photo reception.

Following the Biltmore, the President will go to the beautiful home of Chris Korge with the donation levels beginning at $15,000 per person, which includes a photo reception.  No one does a better event than Chris and this will be an intimate event with our great President.

We are working on the final invitations now but our focus if getting the structure of hosts/table captains and attendees at Chris' event to help us make this the greatest event Miami has ever seen.

There will be a limited amount of $500 tickets for the Biltmore but they will sell out fast and we aren't at the point of opening them up yet.

If you have anyone who is willing to serve as a leader for this event, please email Jessica, Jason, Michael or myself to reserve their table or their spot at Casa de Korge.

Thanks for all of your hard work.  We are in the final stretch of finishing the job we started in 2007 to bring Democratic values to the White House.  DON'T STOP NOW!!!!!

Kirk Wagar

Florida Finance Chair
Obama Biden 2012
5801 Biscayne Blvd.

Miami FL 33137

An aerial of the Korge-Timbaland section of town:

Picture 6