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A glimpse of the Korge manse, Obama fundraiser

A pool report from Obama's second fundraiser today (he has another) at Chris Korge's Pinecrest home:

This fundraiser is in the lower level of the tiered backyard of the Korge home. On the upper paved level, there’s a pool, hot tub and bar. On the lower level, there’s a pond in the backyard with what looks like a rowboat beached in the lush greens surrounding it, as well as an area where tables and chairs were set up for the fundraiser. The president spoke for about 10 minutes starting at 5:35, as the sun was setting, a rosy glow in the yard.

Pool held before and after on the house’s tennis court. The house is behind stucco walls, with palms and other trees lining the barrier between the property and the street.

Chris Korge introduced the president, saying he supports Obama not just because he’s a Democrat, but because Obama is dedicated to helping all Americans and has helped him as a businessman.

Obama thanked the Korge family, and then thanked Sen. Bill Nelson – who he called “one of the finest senators … plus he’s an astronaut” – as well as Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, who is “just fearless.” He also acknowledged Charlotte mayor Anthony Foxx, who was also at the fundraiser, as was congressional candidate Patrick Murphy.

The economy is improving and “most Americans realize things have stabilized and we’re moving in a better direction,” Obama said.

The success of the auto industry is “an example of what can happen in manufacturing across the board,” he said. “We had some folks who said, let’s let that die. Instead, GM is back to number one. It’s seen the greatest profits in its history, it’s hired back tens of thousands of workers and that’s true across the U.S. auto industry.”

He listed a string of achievements, including that “we’ve restored respect for the United States around the world.” But he said that while “we’ve got a good story about the last three years, I’m not done yet, I need five more” to tackle a string of other issues, including immigration reform, energy, investing in infrastructure and implementing the reform of health care and Wall Street.

To continue with his agenda, “we’re going to need strong partners in Congress,” Obama said. “You are going to have to send back Bill Nelson, you’re going to have to elect Mr. Murphy.” Someone in the crowd said something about Wasserman-Schultz, to which Obama responded: “well, Debbie, Debbie, what are you up -- 30 in the polls?”

“The American people, they have deep in their core, deep in their gut, a belief that we are all in this together,” he said. “Regardless of who you are, you deserve a fair shot in life. That’s what America’s about, that’s what we’re fighting for, that’s what this election is going to be about.”

As the pool was being led out of the yard, Obama joked that the reporters were heading out of the yard to relax and enjoy the warm evening weather.

Jennifer Epstein
White House Reporter