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ALEC is alive and well in the Florida Legislature

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a right-leaning, pro-business think tank that prides itself on producing model legislation for Republican state legislators across the country. ALEC's aggressive efforts have spawned a liberal watchdog group,, which claims ALEC is a front for powerful corporate interests that seek to control legislative agendas.

Though ALEC's behind-the-scenes role in Tallahassee is well-established, it's highly unusual that a Florida lawmaker would cite the organization by name in the actual text of a bill -- including the group's mission statement. Rep. Rachel Burgin, R-Riverview, did just that in a bill (HB 685) she filed in November. Two days later, Burgin filed a revised version of the same bill (HB 717) that omitted any reference to ALEC. The bill urges Congress to cut the federal corporate tax rate, but does not suggest what the new rate should be.