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Angered Citizens policyholder releases folk song, in protest

This gives public outcry a whole new meaning.

An unhappy Citizens Insurance Property Insurance Corp. customer has written a song in protest to the state-run insurer, after it dropped coverage of his carport.

Kevin Roth, a folk singer from Oakland Park, was shocked when he found out that Citizens would no longer insure his carport and screened porch, part of a wide-ranging coverage change enacted by the company last year.


The song, which plays off the company’s name by calling it ‘CitiSins,’ has a folksy feel. Roth, who says he released his first album back in 1978, said he wrote the song to draw attention to an issue that he believes Floridians are too apathetic about.

“I wrote the song to say to people ‘Wake up,’” he said. “I’m not looking to get famous out of this. I’m looking to get the point across. This isn’t a publicity stunt. I want coverage [from Citizens].”

The chorus from the song: "Oh Citizens Insurance is the catastrophic wind / They should spell their names, C-I-T-I-    S-I-N!! / They dropped all the coverage of my porch and car port too /Thank you Gov. Rick Scott for everything you do!"

 The video shows intertwined images of blowing hurricane-force winds, bundles of cash, the Citizens logo and Gov. Rick Scott, who Roth blames, in part, for his insurance woes.

Protest songs are the least of Citizens’ woes:

Last week, policyholders filed a lawsuit against Citizens, alleging that the state-run insurer overcharged homeowners by inflating the replacement values of their properties. Citizens has denied the charges.

The House passed a new 'surplus lines' bill earlier this month, that would allow out-of-state, unregulated insurers to take policies out of Citizens, but critics have called it an “unbridled attempt to deregulate our insurance market.”

Citizens, with about 1.5 million policies, is exposed to more than $500 billion in potential claims.

Here are the lyrics to Roth’s song:


(C-I-T-I-  S-I –N- S)

Music & Lyrics By  Kevin Roth.

   Copyright 2012 Kevin Roth Music/BMI



When hurricane winds blow, I use to trust and know

My insurance would be there for me, to cover me and so

I paid my monthly dues, and hoped I heard good news

That the hurricanes would never come, but now I’ve come to know…


CHORUS:   Oh citizens insurance is the catastrophic wind

They should spell their names, C-I-T-I-    S-I-N!!

They dropped all the coverage of my porch and car port too

Thank you Gov. Rick Scott for everything you do!


How will the elderly pay for what may come

How will those in impoverished times, gather up the sums

Needed to repair what was covered once before

Citizens insurance is a rip off of the poor!


When it comes to Mother Nature, what will be will be

When it comes to state insurance, it’s screw the public need

Well citizens insurance, what goes around comes around

May the mighty wind of public cries finally BLOW YOU DOWN!